The Seeker

There are many types of entrepreneurs – Seekers are the entrepreneurs that have a deep rooted desire for independence and individuality. Oprah is a perfect example of this type of entrepreneur.

Not content working for someone else, Oprah became the founder of her own production studio, Harpo, in 1988.  Twenty years later, she would start a new chapter and create her OWN Network. A network designed to inspire, inform, and entertain people to live their best lives.

Oprah is a woman who OWNs herself.

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams. This is your moment. Own it.”

-Oprah Winfrey

Like all Seekers, Oprah continuously searches to grow herself and improve the world.  She knew there was a calling on her life and pursued it.  Her thirst for self-knowledge and the pursuit of her calling has brought her great wealth.  

Her ability to reach back and help others has afforded her a very rich life. A life of deeper meaning and a legacy of great significance.

What can I say about Oprah Winfrey that hasn’t already been said about this visionary woman?!  She is a Seeker in the truest form of the word. She has inspired us to live our best lives by being the example of brilliance.  Quincy Jones said that she would one day shine her light so brightly that it would burn his eyes. I love her because she not only wants this for herself, but she empowers other women to pursue their own path to greatness. A path that starts with a calling, takes us on a journey of self discovery and ends  in service to humanity.

Are you ready to embrace your true path in life? To let you inner light shine for the world to see? To share your brilliance? I’m here to help. 

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