Hi there!

I am Angela Durant. You can call me Ang!

Brand Strategist.  Founder of the Be Brilliant Movement.  Chief Escape Artist.

I know what you’re thinking… “Did she just say “Escape Artist”?

Yes I did!

I teach you how to:
• Escape the stories that have you stuck
• Escape the beliefs that are limiting you
• Escape the environments that want you to play small

When we work together,  I help you discover your Brilliance –that special magic that lives inside of you, so that you show up powerfully in business and in life.

You were born Brilliant. Your mindset drives your behavior, so that’s exactly where we’ll start. Together we’ll create the life you were designed to live. 

In Life

As a woman who grew up in a Philadelphia housing project and went on to attend the Wharton School of Business, I believe in creating the life others say is impossible.

In Business

In my very first hospitality job, I went from working in a  hotel kitchen, to an award winning “Hotel of the Year” General Manager of the very same hotel.  Now that was not an easy feat my friend! 

In Love

Many said I’d never marry or have a child, especially at my age!  But today I am married to the most amazing man and together we are the proud parents of a little boy we affectionately call Duke!

“I believe in creating the life others say is impossible and I’ll hold that same belief for you.”

As the founder of the Be Brilliant Movement, I help women in business discover and deliver their brilliance to the world and I would be honored to help you do the same.

Why did I become an entrepreneur?

I became an entrepreneur because I wanted to discover my own path. I wanted to have options. To have more control over my earning potential. Most importantly…

I wanted freedom.

You see, after working for the same company for almost 15 years, I was let go.  


Without cause or warning. It was devastating.I was embarrassed and humiliated.

But that wasn’t the end of the story –or my career in the hotel business. Within 2 weeks, I was hired by one of the world’s largest hotel companies and earned almost twice as much money than the prior year. That experience changed me. It changed the way I saw myself, the value I placed on my skills, and it changed the way I felt about working for someone else. I continued my career in the industry, but after that experience, being terminated “At Will”, the seeds of entrepreneurship were planted and I started building a business of my own.

Today I help other professional women gain the clarity and confidence they need to become entrepreneurs and find the freedom they deserve. 

As women, I find we often downplay our talents and abilities. Or as I like to say, we dim our light. We hide our brilliance. Many of us don’t have the confidence and courage to fully shine our light.

But scripture teaches us that we should never hide the light that is within us. It says that no one lights a candle and then hides it under a basket. It says a candle should be placed on a stand so that it can give light to everyone in the house. It tells us to Let our Light Shine.

You have that light within you. And it is your light that will attract people to you. It is the shining of your light that allows the people who need you the most, to find you. I believe the world needs your brilliance, that special thing only you have.

We are all born with special gifts. Some call it genius; others call it talent. I call it your Brilliance. Over the years I’ve seen it in the many people I’ve worked with. I saw it in my Director of Sales who was a gifted storyteller and was passionate about writing children’s books. I saw it in my Assistant General Manager who loved event planning and used her creativity to take a simple idea and turn it into a visual masterpiece. I saw it in the Front Office Manager who started building her janitorial business on nights and weekends and the Night Auditor who was creating her own makeup and looking for ways to earn income to keep doing what she really loved. And the list goes on and on.

What I know is that Brilliance lives in everyone. Sometimes we just need to dig a little deeper to discover it. In my business, I use branding as a tool to help my clients discover their brilliance and once they’ve done that, they have the clarity and confidence to rise. And when they rise, we all rise.

I love the freedom entrepreneurship gives and I am excited about the opportunity to help the many women who feel stuck but are seeking the freedom they desire.

If you are a Coach, Creative, Consultant, an Author, or Entrepreneur, and you’re ready to transform your life and the lives of others by sharing your Brilliance with the world, then I’m here to support your rise.

DISCOVER What Type of Entrepreneur Lives Within You

“With Be Brilliant, Angela has created an opportunity for people of all ages to discover their full potential and feel in control of their own destinies.”

— Sofia Olivarez

“Investing in Be Brilliant gave us the infusion that my daughter & I needed to launch our business.”

Digna & Danielle, Co-owners of Santuario Home

“I was so inspired by Angela’s talk that I invested in the Intensive for myself and a member of my team. We learned so much and started building our brands. I didn’t want the 5 Week Intensive to end”.

— Cheryl Teel, Director, Thirty-One Gifts

“After attending the Be Brilliant Retreat, I knew I wanted to work with Angela!  I’m currently enrolled in the Intensive and I’m loving it! In just the 1st week I gained so much confidence and I’m excited as I prepare to transition into entrepreneurship”.

— Hazel Pierce, Branding Intensive Student

“After experiencing the Branding Intensive, I flew Angela in to train my Directors at our Annual Retreat!”

—  Amy Hart, Senior Director, Thirty-One Gifts

“Thank you Ang, for inspiring me to become a Professional Speaker!”

Lisa Marie Johnson, Keynote Speaker & Mindfulness Coach

“When it comes to Branding Angela’s a Pro. I learned things from her I never even thought about. She’s helping me rebrand my entire business. Attract the right clients, more of them, make more money and have a greater impact in the world. I wouldn’t be without her!”

Annetta Wilson, Founder and CEO of Speak with Ease
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